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Friday, 5 February 2016

Bush LE-50Gy15-M1 Review

There came a time when I had to upgrade my old 720p LG flat screen TV to a new TV, so I had the daunting task of searching high and low for a TV that suited my needs. Everyone's needs are different,  so in this review I'll go through each need an how the 50" BushTV handles it. 

TV Size
First of all the TV needed to be of a good size. For research I viewed many screens from 48" to 60". Our living room is roughly 15 feet by 25 feet,  with the TV being against the wall,  and the sofa back facing the window. This means,  once the TV is set up,  and you take your seat,  you are approximately 12 feet away from the tv at its most average point,  with it being slightly further away or slightly closeras you move along the sofa from left to right. 

Moving up from a 39" TV,  and based on the distance for viewing, after measuring the area and sitting to decide  which size,  a nice 50" TV was perfect. Anything bigger was too big,  and anything smaller was not worth the upgrade.

TV Specifications
For the price, we also thought a 4k screen was worth the upgrade in order to future proof the TV for when 4k transmissions become more popular. 

Tests of 4k video have been outstanding, and when more 4k video becomes available, the TV should really come into its own.

This is not a smart TV, though it does play USB memory sticks video, photos and Music. A smart TV just has more things to go wrong with it, and an Android box or attached other device is a much better solution.

The TV has 4 HDMI connections, USB, PC and Scary connections. In this day and age, four HDMI cables really is necessary, with this TV using them for Sky, Android box, Bluray player and Chromecast.

Picture Quality and Sound
The Bush had a nice bright screen, with vivid colours and sharp picture. Although the TV has a number of presets, the user defined option allows you to tweak to your hearts content.

120 Frames Super Smooth seems to be all the rage for TV's, it sounds great in theory but makes all your programs look unrealistic as motion is so smooth! As all the technical sites say, turn it off!

Using Sky as the first example, the HD channels look stunning in 1080i and really do the TV justice. The non-HD channels however don't look anywhere near as good even if they are upscaled. There's only so much you can do with a 570i image!

Bluray look stunning in 1080p. Some of the slow motion scenes in the Resident Evil films really show off the screen quality.

The sound quality is however a let down. The documentation and sticker on the front of the TV claim DTS sound, and although it gets very loud, it is a little too thin with not much bass. Thankfully the TV allows easy connection to a soundbar or stereo and this makes a huge difference.

If you're on a budget, this TV can be picked up for under £500 when it is on offer. It's not got any bells or whistles, so there's less to go wrong with it.

It's strengths are great picture quality with minimum bezzel surrounding the screen and it has plenty of connections.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Last Of Days

Today see's my first book"The Last Of Days"being released on Amazon. It's a short story, and Amazon are quoting 22 pages in length, but I'm not sure what that is based on! Either way, it's short and to the point. The true story of how Cancer took my father in the last few days of his life. For anyone who has lost someone to cancer, or someone who is going through it now, this book can give you an insight into how people feel.

This book is biographical, and was written with much emotion just after the event. Recently I added to it and tidied it up, making it presentable to the public.

Please download the sample that is available on Amazon at the least, if not please support me and buy the book, it's only .99p/.99c depending where you are in the World.

If you don't download it, please share any links to it as to spread the word of the book.

Here are a few paragraphs from the book:

"It was like something you hear about but never believe. The doctor at Singleton hospital actually ringing 999 and calling out an emergency ambulance! While waiting for the ambulance they took my father into a waiting room where they took his vital statistics such as blood pressure etc. Thankfully the ambulance did not take too long to turn up, and he was whisked off to Morriston Hospital in Swansea within the hour.

Once at Morriston Hospital, as he was so ill he was taken straight into A&E where he was hooked up to various monitors and questioned and studied by no end of doctors and nurses. He stayed in that section for at least five hours while they worked out the best plan for his condition. While standing with him I heard one of the doctors mention the cancer to his colleagues on a couple of occasions. It was as if they thought they could not do anything because of his cancer. Eventually though he was moved into Ward R, which is a cardiac ward. At the time, they were worried because his blood pressure was so low, and his heart was beating very slowly and felt this was the correct location for him." 

Friday, 15 January 2016

"The Last Of Days" will be available from Amazon from 17 January 2016 for just 99 pence!

This is a short story of the final days of my father going through cancer. It tells of the events leading up to his death, plus the aftermath that it caused.

Please support me and visit the Amazon Kindle store, or purchase on your computer to view on your computer.

A link will be issued once the book goes live on Amazon.

This is my first of Three books to be issued this year. This one is the shortest story, but it packs a lot of punch!

Coming soon will be a much heftier book titled A Selection Of Words - Lyrics, Poems & Words (Books 1 & 2)”. This is a diary in the form of lyrics, poems and words, with notes on events. It is an ideal light read and delve into the mind of a teenager. It shows how creating lyrics can be a complex affair, with trial after trial until something special happens.

Later on in the year, with a possible June release will be "The Blue Light Diaries", a new take on science fiction, with a story mixing classic sci-fi story-lines, with a host of popular belief of how things really took place on earth during it's creation thrown in for good measure. Expect the unexpected, with no time for love and romance, but plenty of time for panic and extreme... excitement!

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